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Futsal is the only small-sided game sanctioned and recommended by FIFA and UEFA.
Futsal is a game in its own right but is respected worldwide as a format of football that develops skills and competencies that can be transferred easily to football. These include creativity and imagination, decision making, and having the ability to receive and manipulate the ball while under pressure. These skills are developed due to the small space the players have to work in and the speed of the game itself.

Since the birth of Futsal in 1930s South America, the game has evolved and spread its wings to other nations of the world, including Iran, Malaysia and most importantly, Scotland. But thanks to the collaboration of the Scottish Football Association and the Scottish Amateur Football Association (SAFA), Futsal was given the recognition and has established a high degree of popularity in Scotland since 1997.

Futsal in Scotland in conjunction with the Scottish Football Association (SFA) and Scottish Amateur Football Association (SAFA) started Scotland’s first league in Perth in 1997, The Scottish Futsal League is the oldest league in the UK.