Boli Bolingoli deserves second chance claims McLeish

Alex McLeish has said Boli Bolingoli does deserve a second at Celtic, after breaching covid protocols.

He breached the rules, by jetting off to Spain – a so-called high risk country at the time -and playing in a football match without telling the club. He was then sent out on loan to Turkish side Basaksehir.

“I find that one difficult to process,” McLeish said.

“He’s put people’s lives at risk. The covid situation was an amazing new situation for everyone.

“There were some players at Aberdeen and some players at Rangers who were suspended. They put everybody’s lives at risk.

“It’s hard to evaluate that. But I think everybody deserves a second chance.”

The defender at the time said: “I have made a huge mistake. I want to apologise to my Manager, my teammates, the supporters, everyone at Celtic and so many others for letting them down so badly.

“I am guilty of a major error of judgement. I know what I did was wrong and I know that I must now deal with the consequences.”