Mancini and Chiellini praise Braveheart front page ahead of Euro final

Italian gaffer Roberto Mancini and their captain Giorgio Chiellini have expressed approval of the front page which features Mancini as William Wallace, ahead of the Euro 2020 final clash against England.

The front page sparked conversation across the continent, some see it as banter others not so much.

Chiellini appreciated the front page, the defender said: “The front page of the National made me smile for Scotland’s rivalry with England.

“Tomorrow we’ll need a hot heart to survive, but also a cool head.

“We will have to dare, we’ll have to be lucid to have the situation under control. It’s unthinkable to have control for 90 minutes, you’ll need these characteristics to the maximum. To win the final you’ll need to take care of every detail.”

About the front page on the National, Mancini said: “The front page of the newspaper is nice.

“We’ll have to play our game. We’ll have to have a great match, this must be our only thought. It’s a football match after all.”

Vanity Fair in Italy wrote: “The final of the Euros, of course, is just further evidence of a battle that Scotland has waged for centuries to try to disengage from English authority and live independently: a need already seen during Brexit and which continues today, extending to all forms.”

The Corriere dello Sport reports: “The subtitle of the image is even more hilarious and explains why in Scotland they will be cheering for our national team in the final against the English: ‘We can’t take another 55 years of them boasting’.”