‘We’d have to consider it’ Stoke boss breaks silence on McClean links to Celtic

Stoke gaffer, Michael O’Neill insists James McClean to Celtic are just ‘rumours’.

The winger is a famous Celtic fan, and has always spoken about his dreams to play for the side.

McClean might move if the club has to meet Financial Fair Play rules, concedes Michael O’Neill.

He said: “I think that’s probably just a rumour that’s been created by someone – and it certainly hasn’t come from our end.

“James isn’t a player, equally, that we are looking to lose at this minute in time.

“The nature of the transfer window is such that you have to be flexible and if any situation arises with any player you have to give it consideration, particularly where we are at this minute in time.

“We have to obviously deal with the rules of Financial Fair Play and deal with too a squad which is bloated.

“James is no different from any other player in the squad and if the situation arose we’d have to consider it but at this minute in time, I think that would be highly unlikely.”