What Scottish Footballers can and CAN’T do under COVID rules?

Should our footballers be held to a different standard to us? Jason Leitch thinks so.

He said yesterday: “The broader question is on the guidance as to whether players should go out at all.

“I think there is an argument that elite sports people should go beyond the guidelines, not think they are just can behave like the general public.”

So what can they do?

Well, they are tested twice a week.

They have to drive individually to their training ground, and there temperatures will be checked (lower than 37.8 degrees it has to be) and showing no symptoms.

But outside of footballer, they are obliged to follow the rules just like us.

The frequency of testing for Aberdeen players, means they could have been confident they didn’t have the virus, players are advised to stay within their household groups.

They must “follow the guidance and instructions of staff at all times and be mindful to maintain their own distance of 1m from others out-with your own household.”

But as for Bolingoli, players who make use of travel bridges, must also adhere to the requirements for quarantine as they come in.

Adivce from UK and Spain’s government, say you should quarantine for 14 days if you test positive or negative.

The only exemptions is for athletes involved in international competitions – such as Champion League matches.

And that is why Boli Bolingoli was fined by Police Scotland – for an obvious breach of those rules.