‘Furious’ FM Sturgeon warns football is at risk

The First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon is ‘furious’ as she criticises Aberdeen FC, who breached coronavirus rules as she warned that football could be at risk by any future rule-breaker.OVI

The coronavirus rules for footballers were agreed by the SFA and SPFL, but they were “blatantly broken” – by breaking the ‘bubble’ by attending the premises on Saturday night.

The First Minister said the breach was “completely unacceptable;” and warned that “all bets are off” if the rules are broken again.

She said: “The decision to allow competitive sport to get up and running again wasn’t one we took lightly”

“There are lots of reasons why it was something we were nervous about. But we got to the point of giving it the go-ahead because a lot of work went into agreeing the guidance which underpins it. So it was very much conditional on that.

“If that guidance is not going to be adhered to then all bets are off.”

The Scottish National Party leader, also said footballers are role models and should behave like one.

Sturgeon, said: “We are expecting members of the public to behave in a highly precautionary manner right now”

“When a football club ends up with players infected with Covid – and let’s remember that this is not through bad luck but clear breaches of the rules – we cannot take even a small risk that they then spread the infection to other parts of the country.”