‘Right thing for him’ Edouard should stay for another five years, insists ex-Celt

Celtic wish to keep Odsonne Edouard for another season – as they look to secure ten-in-a-row – but ex-Celt Jorge Cadete, thinks he should sign up for another five years.

He told The Scottish Sun: “What would I do? I would ask for a long-term contract and sign it.

“People are talking about one year. Why not five?

“He’s only 22. He won’t reach his peak as a player until 29.

“I know that clubs are interested in Edouard and he will have a lot of options this summer.

“But staying at Celtic is the right thing for him. Next season is a chance to make history.

“He is at a great club, with passionate supporters and he could be part of something really special.

“Everyone who has ever played with Celtic knows about ten in a row and what it means.

“In my time, we were trying to stop Rangers doing it.

“Now Celtic are one more title away from it and I expect Edouard will want to be part of that.

“He will go to a bigger league one day but there is no rush. At 22, he’s still so young.

“There are so many years ahead of him. If he stays at Celtic longer even more clubs will want him.

“For me, it’s the perfect place for him to keep developing as a striker and get regular games.

“At his age, it’s all about learning and picking up experience and he’s doing that at a great club.

“That is the dream for most players at 22 so if I was Edouard I would not be looking to leave.”

The ex-Celt, also thinks it will be more expensive trying to replace him, he said: “To get top players, you need to pay top money. That’s how football works.

“Celtic gave Edouard a chance of first-team football and they have been fantastic for him.

“But he’s also brought them a lot of success so I think he deserves a bit extra in wages.

“It would be wise to spend the money like this. It helps the team and it keeps the player happy.

“And if the wage increase leads to ten in a row for Celtic then it will all be worth it.”