‘Chance of winning the game’ Edouard is just important as Larsson – Martin O’Neill

Martin O’Neill says that Odsonne Edouard, is a what Henrik Larsson was to Celtic – a game changer.

He also believes that Neil Lennon has to do everything in his power to keep the French striker.

O’Neill said:  “Of course, yes.

“It’s very important to hold on to your best players because these are the ones that will win matches for you. They will turn the tide for you if games are even or if you’re losing with 20 minutes to go.

“You know when the likes of Larsson are still on the field you still have a chance of winning that game. And that is exactly now the situation Neil finds himself in with Edouard.”

He added: “Neil’s done it as a player and as a manager. He deserves to take his place among the legends of Celtic.

“To come back after Brendan Rodgers went to Leicester, he was coming into a totally different set-up, a different philosophy, and he had to win those games from day one.

“He’s done that exceptionally well. Now he’s set his sights on European football.

“Of course that’s very important, but if he clinches 10 in a row – which he has a good chance of doing – that would be fantastic.

“He’s very much an iconic figure at Celtic Park and that might not be sufficient for Neil, but the fans would be absolutely ecstatic about it.”