‘Incredible captain for me’ Rodgers claims he was told that Brown had to leave Celtic

Brendan Rodgers has said he ignored advice that said he had to let Scott Brown go – as many concluded that his best was behind him.

But since then he has came back, being captain for the treble treble and nine-in-a-row.

He told the Daily Record: “He was an incredible captain for me.

“But funny enough, before I joined, someone rang me and was telling me about the job and one of the first things they said was, ‘If you’re going to play how you want to play there Brendan, you’re probably going to have to move on Scott’.”

Rodgers reckons that Brown could easily slot into a Premiership side, he said: “He’s a much better player than people give him credit for.

“There’s absolutely no doubt, if he wanted to he could have played at the top end of the Premier League – one, because of his personality and two, because of his ability.

“I couldn’t speak highly enough of him, what an incredible player he was for me.”

He added: “I was fortunate, I went into Celtic there and they had won the titles, my idea was to go in and see if they could win in a better way.

“Could we enhance the level of the game and could we give the players an idea that gets them thinking in a different way about football?

“Celtic’s always a club where style is important. It’s not just about winning, you have to win in a certain style and I was very much aware of that.

“I must say, all the Scottish boys were amazing. Sometimes the British players are deemed they’ll run all day for you and run through brick walls but tactically they maybe don’t understand the game.

“But all those players – Browny, Callum McGregor, Stuart Armstrong, Kieran Tierney – they were all absolutely fantastic for me.”