‘I hope to end my career here’ Griffiths admits he’d love to stay at Celtic till his career is over

Celtic ace Leigh Griffiths has admitted he would love to finish his career off at Celtic – as he wants to earn an extension after his current contract ends in 2022.

On OpenGoal, he said: “Can I myself finishing my career at Celtic? Yeah.

“If I can do well in the next year, I will try to get myself another two-year deal.

“That will take me to 34. Then we will see where we go after that.

“I want to do my coaching badges too. I can’t see myself as a manager but I could be a strikers’ coach.”

He was out most of the 2018/19 season with personal problems and needed to get his career back on track, he said: “Being out was horrible and it wasn’t for my missus and my mates Luke and James, family and friends, I wouldn’t have been back playing.

“My missus has been an absolute rock. I remember the day it come out that I wasn’t playing.

“She put something on Instagram saying there would be light at the end of the tunnel and that was it.

“I was fully focused on getting back and watching the bodies do well and win trophies made we want to get back too.

“Everyone has been brilliant and the boys have been great.

“If it was me and someone came back from a long-term illness, you’d be a bit cagey.

“So I sent the boys a big massive text saying, ‘Look don’t feel any different…just treat me as normal’.

“Sure enough, nobody has ever mentioned it. They have just taken the p*** like it was before. It was just like I’d never been away.”

About the possibility of the season being over, he added: “We don’t want the season to finish. We were winning games comfortably and playing well.

“Then this happened and it’s weird. You think ‘It won’t be too ling’ but we haven’t touched a ball for over a month.

“As players we just want an answer as quickly as anyone – are they cutting the league or making us play the games?

“We are in the dark so I am just trying to keep myself as fit as possible.”