‘We don’t feel pressure of time’ The Scottish Cup will be played out even if it takes to 2021

This years Scottish Cup will be played out to completion even if it takes till 2021, SFA President Rod Petrie has said.

With these recent comments, it means Celtic have a chance for another treble sweep in Scotland.

Petrie said: “It’s the commitment of the SFA to play out our showpiece competition when it is safe to do so, and in front of spectators,”

“The Scottish Cup needs to be played to a completion – two semi-finals and a final – and we don’t feel a pressure of time as to when it will happen.

“It will be in line with the medical advice, social distancing and any other restrictions that are in place.

“We need to be open-minded enough to look at all considerations.

“It may be that the risks of 50,000 people travelling from Edinburgh to Glasgow are outweighed by other measures.

“But, equally, we need to do it in a manner that is fundamentally safe, creates a spectacle and provides some income for the participating clubs. That’s important, too.

“We need to give ourselves the time to start up in a manner which doesn’t put undue pressure on people.

“For these ties, teams will want to give a good account of themselves, and be at their competitive best when they play.

“The games are days out to look forward to. So, with no pressure on time, while we might be able to play them out in a closed-door environment, it is better to wait until we can get as many fans into the ground as possible to add to the colour.”