‘Absolute wrecking balls man’ Griffiths reveals that he was pinned up against a wall by Rab Douglas

Celtic striker, and ex Dee, Leigh Griffiths has revealed that after a match, when he got sent off, a naked Rab Douglas had pinned him against the wall.

He played with the ex-Celtic keeper early in his careers, during his time at Dundee – and Griffiths says that Douglas just lost it.

Speaking on Open Goal, Griffiths said: “Big Rab cracked at me once aye.

“We played Motherwell in the Scottish Cup and we got pumped 4-0. I got sent off for a stupid lunge on Stevie Hammill.

“The boys came in after the game and I was just sitting with my head down and the gaffer was angry but said it’s a Premiership club and we can’t really do much, go get showered.


“So I took my gear straight off and went straight in the shower and the big man [Douglas] comes in and lifts me up about six feet in the air with one hand.

“He just held me and was like ‘You cost us’ and I couldn’t breathe! I was going purple!

“Couple of the boys tried to get him off me and I don’t think he spoke to me for about a month after that.

“He had his chopper out. Absolute wrecking balls man.”