‘Magic in his feet’ Edouard may move down south as McGarvey can see Nicholas in him

Ex-Celt Frank McGarvey, who was a top striker himself, has said he has noticed a lot of similarities with Edouard and Charlie Nicholas.

Now he is worried that the French striker could also go down south like Nicholas did – but will he leave too soon? As Nicholas arguably did.

He said: “I just love watching Edouard. He has that bit of magic in his feet, and he reminds me of Charlie Nicholas.

“You just know if he gets the ball just outside of the box the other team are in trouble.

“Edouard has that ability to produce something out of nothing because he has such quick feet.

“I think someone will come in this summer and put £20million on the table for him. You can’t blame Celtic for taking it, especially in the current climate.

“I’ll be sorry to see him go because he is an outstanding footballer. His temperament and his ability are genuinely top class.

“I know people talk about players staying on for ten-in-a-row but I don’t know if all players have that emotional connection.

“For the likes of Scott Brown, Callum McGregor and James Forrest, who have all been there throughout that run, you know how much it will mean to them.

“But we live in the real world, and I am not too sure if someone comes in and offers massive money that Edouard would be able to say no to it.”

Leigh Griffiths is a natural goalscorer and he still has the best to come McGarvey insists, he added: “I think it is up to Leigh where he goes now

“He is in a very elite band of players who have scored more than 100 goals for Celtic, so he has shown what he can do. Those two free-kicks he scored against England in a game at the very top level of football are iconic goals now.

“So everyone knows what he is capable of. He has a gift and at 29 he is still in the prime years of his career.

“If Leigh does things properly in terms of training, eating and recovering he has the ability to play for at least another three or four years at the top level.

“I have never had any doubt Griffiths is a natural goalscorer.

“He has been lucky in that he has had a lot of help from the club, the manager, his team-mates and the Celtic fans.

“Everyone was willing him to get back to playing and scoring goals. He has had a lot of time to think, and now the onus is on Griffiths to go and give a bit of payback.

“If he goes back to training in the right frame of mind, with the thought in his head he is hitting the ground running, then he has the chance to pick up where he left off.

“Deep within himself I suspect he will always have known he could come back and score goals. You are born with that. It is instinctive.

“Leigh will then have taken confidence from the goals going in over the last few months, and feeling his physical fitness improve and his conditioning return.

“But the thing with the really great strikers is you are not scoring goals in pockets or doing it for a few months here and there.

“You are consistent in terms of doing it week after week, and season after season.

“He should still have a lot of football in him, and now it is about what he wants for himself.

“Griffiths has the capability, it is just making sure he has everything else tuned towards playing football and scoring goals.”