‘They don’t want Celtic winning the league’ Gers want season cancelled to hide failings insists Nicholas

Charlie Nicholas says Rangers want the season to be declared null and void, but only because they want to hide their own shortcomings – with the Gers 13 points from the top and out of the Scottish Cup.

The Ibrox side do claim they have proof that proves wrongdoing by the SPFL despite an independent audit.

Writing for the Daily Express, he said: “Rangers need to stop whining and moaning like a baby. It is time to move on.

“Ibrox chairman Douglas Park is pushing for an independent inquiry into how the SPFL handled the lower-league vote, yet they don’t want to share any information they have on why they are questioning it.

“What exactly do they want? They don’t want Celtic winning the title, that much is clear.

“They want the season declared null and void to camouflage their own failures on the pitch.

“Celtic have done the best thing possible, which is staying out of the arguments because they don’t need to get involved and they also have the most to lose.

“I find it heartbreaking that so many influential figures and clubs have turned so negative at a time when our game is already on its knees.

“It no longer seems as if it is about the football.

“The arguments and bickering seem to be about individuals looking out for their own clubs rather than the general well-being of the Scottish game.

“All we are hearing is, “My team shouldn’t be relegated” and “Your team shouldn’t win the league”. It looks as if everybody is trying to make football as awkward as they can.

“Football is about the fans. It came from the people and the supporters seem to have been forgotten in all this.”