‘He should have been sent off’ Lee Naylor admits he wanted to smash into Charlie Adam

Ex-Celt Lee Naylor has admitted he wanted to smash into Charlie Adam after he was injured by him during a match – he also revealed that Scott Brown and Chris Killen snuck out of the team hotel to party with Ronaldhino.

Naylor said: “Once we got back to the hotel and stuff like that he wouldn’t mind us having a few in the lobby but most of the lads didn’t stick to the lobby. They would be down drainpipes outside and things like that.

“I remember one time, it must have been Barcelona away.

“Kipper [Killen] and Browny, everyone is sitting in the lobby and you see these two lads in white jeans and a white top, screaming down the bleeding exit stairs.

“Looking around, creeping, but everyone could see them. It was ‘Oh what is going on here, it is all going off’.

“They were partying with bleeding Ronaldinho out in Barcelona.

“There must have just been this one place and Ronaldinho was known for being a party boy.

“So those players snuck out and partied with Ronaldinho. Why didn’t I go too? I wasn’t all like that, I was a good boy.”

On wanting to smash Charlie Adam, Lee Naylor said: “I used to have a bit with Hutton to be fair, and Charlie Adam.

“Charlie Adam gave me a four centimeter gash on my foot.

“I wanted him so bad after that. I wanted to get him in a game.

“I was never nasty, but I always wanted the ball to come at the right time so I could smash him.

“But it never did, I was gutted.

“I remember coming in at half-time and I had a gash. A full blade went into my foot.

“He was so late, he should have been sent off but didn’t even get a yellow card. I was raging.

“My ankle was like a balloon but I wanted to play on, I wanted to get him back.”

He added: “Did I have a us against them mentality? Yeah, straight off the back.

“Even in my first game it was pure hatred, ‘I don’t like you boys at all, you are my enemy.'”