‘It really appealed to me’ Armstrong admits he would have regretted not going to England

Stuart Armstrong does admit he loved his time at Celtic, but if he didn’t pursue playing in England he would have lived to regret it.

The ex-Celt won two Trebles, and spent three-and-a-half years there, before leaving in 2018 for Southampton.

Many fans perhaps unfairly accuse him of leaving for money, but he is adamant it was just the regret he would have felt if he didn’t leave for the Saints.

He said to the Daily Mirror: “It was very exciting but I don’t think I realised just how big the club is, what it means to fans, the passion, the noise of the stadium.

“I’ve got friends who play for European clubs who say the atmosphere at Celtic Park is still the best they’ve experienced.

“The decision to leave was a tough one but if I didn’t pursue my dream to reach the Premier League then I’d have regretted it.

“When Southampton were interested the aura of the club, how they play, it really appealed to me.

“I had a Zola top when I was young but I was a massive fan of Frank Lampard.

“His track record of scoring goals in the Premier League, being an all-round midfielder, a fantastic player to watch.

“He’s someone I looked up to. I need to score a few more goals to catch up with him! Adding goals is important for me.”