‘I am going to break your legs’ Lee Naylor reveals that Scott Brown threatened him

Lee Naylor, a former Celtic defender, has revealed that in his very first game in Scotland for Celtic against Hibs had a massive shock when Scott Brown threatened to break his legs before kick-off.

The future Celtic captain, Scott Brown was only 20 and played for Hibs, when Naylor came up to Parkhead after nine years down at Wolves.

On the Keeping the ball on the ground podcast, Naylor said: “My first taste of Scottish football was against Browny.

“My first game was Hibs at home, he was playing right midfield and I was left back.

“This was my first meeting with Browny.

“I am walking out, we’ve done our warm ups and that and we are out for kick off.

“I am walking across the field and Browny comes running right next to me and says ‘I am going to break your legs’.

“He must have been what, about six years younger than me, he was 20 at the time, and I was like ‘Is this kid for real or what?’

“Obviously they went and scored, they went 1-0 up.

“He has come running up to me and said ‘I am going to be on you all game, you aren’t going to get anything, break you in two’

“I was thinking ‘oh my Lord what have I come to here’.

Lee Naylor spoke about the performance of Scott Brown, he added: “Aye he was good but we got the winner with me going on down the line.

“I said alright to him after that.”