‘Celtic are well clear’ Rangers legend Ronald de Boer insists Celts deserve title

Rangers legend Ronald de Boer has insisted Celtic deserve to be handed the title by the SPFL – especially with the Celts 13 points clear of second-place Rangers – to land nine-in-a-row.

Speaking to The Scottish Sun, De Boer said: “I’d love to see Rangers win the league again after all this time but you have to be objective.

“Celtic are well clear at the moment and like Liverpool in England, they deserve to win it.

“If you have to nominate a winner then you have to say Liverpool and the same counts for Celtic.

“If the season is not completed then you can only be winners, not champions.”

De Boer knows it is a difficult call to make, and it won’t be met with widespread approval but it has to be done.

He continued: “In Holland, it will come down to goal difference if you are level on points.

“In Spain, if you are level it comes down to the games you play against each other.

“The Dutch federation will need to make a tough decision, but that is their job.

“Of course, you are going to have parties who do not agree as they will miss out on promotion or be relegated.

“It is the same in Scotland at the moment with Rangers, understandably, not wanting to see Celtic just handed the Premiership. But you have to nominate a winner.

“I don’t think Ajax deserve to be crowned champions as the season is not completed.

“However, the Champions League and Europa League places for next season need to be decided, so you have to make that call.

“It is going to be tough for the Dutch federation as there is so much to mull over. You just hope there are not going to be too many casualties now.

“There is no other way. This is an unprecedented time and you need some sort of direction and leadership from the top.”