‘It was not mutual’ Ramon Vega opens up on his exit from Celtic

Ramon Vega has admitted he would stay at Celtic for life – if he could, but there was no offer to make the move permanent.

The ex-Celt has also said the SPFL should postpone the games and play them to completion, while also saying Celtic and Rangers should help the lower league clubs.

Vega, who was on loan from Spurs, has said his stint at Parkhead is one of his best experiences.

He said: “Celtic were some of the best times I ever had.

“It was intense but it was also very successful at the same time. What else can you ask for other than a treble in the one season I was there.

“It was a real shame I couldn’t stay longer because I had the best experience.

“The supporters were absolutely magnificent, you don’t forget something like that.

“I wanted to stay longer but there was no official offer for me to stay there. So what can you do as a player?

“There had been suggestions that I didn’t stay because of money but that wasn’t the case. I wanted the club to sign me for life!

“But it was not mutual, I’m not entirely sure why.

“I had the best time of my career at Celtic and won medals there, they’ll be in my heart all the time.

“I’d be cleaning the boots just to be there and feel the atmosphere! It was an honour to play for Celtic.”

The Swiss star also says Celtic and Rangers should help the lower league clubs, he said: “The crucial thing surrounding that solution would be that the SPFL must help clubs stay afloat,”

“That might mean Celtic and Rangers, whichever clubs are earning the majority of the money, helping all the way down to the lower leagues.

“They can financially help these smaller clubs and if everyone works together to put a financial system in place, there is a possibility to get through this very tough situation.”

On the topic of the league being called to an end, he said: “Football won’t have been played for three months, then it might be another month until we’re back after the lockdown is over.

“With seven or eight games left to play, you can do that in three weeks. It’s absolutely doable. Let’s not forget, the World Cup in Qatar, 2022, is not a summer tournament.

“I think it begins in November and ends in December, so at that time the SPFL will have to change the league timing then anyway. Why not start now?

“If you start the new season, in this case, in October, there is no harm to finish this season in a few weeks. That could be a potential solution, from my perspective. Think in advance.”