Stiliyan Petrov has said he can see himself returning to Parkhead, but this time to manage Celtic.

He does admit his mind has changed on the matter though as “if you were to tell me when I was 20 years old that I would do a Masters degree in sport management then I would have laughed at you and said ‘no chance’.”

The Bulgarian continued: “As every ex-player [does]. As somebody who played for Celtic, or any big club, if somebody came and said ‘one day would you like to manage [Celtic]?’ of course.

“It is one of the best things that you can do. It shows you how good you are as a manager, what you have achieved and you have been appreciated to do the right job.

“But, at the moment they have a very good man as manager, my ex-team-mate who is doing a great job.

“It’s his second spell, but in the future, who knows?

“If you ask Neil Lennon if he would like to be Man United manager or Chelsea manager, of course, he is going to say ‘yes’. He won’t say ‘no’.

“Sometimes we try to make people happy with what we say or don’t say but if you don’t have ambition, you should be aiming to reach these ambitions.

“If you want to be a manager at Celtic then you work towards that. Is it going to happen? Who knows? Maybe not, maybe yes.”

He clearly loved his time at the club especially under Martin O’Neil and Gordon Strachan, he said: “Martin O’Neill was the one that I have really learned a lot from – how to keep things simple, how to manage people, how to communicate with people, with what is important in football.

“Gordon Strachan is another one, he is a man who had things down to every single detail.

“When you balance these two things and make the best of it, maybe you are going to come out with something unique that you can use to further your career – or my career.

“Not long ago I did a presentation on management and what is more important – man management or on-the-pitch management.

“I asked a manager – I won’t mention his name – would you rather be a good man-manager or the manager that can put on the best sessions on the training pitch?

“Obviously, I knew the answer. My answer is the same I would rather be a better man-manager than anything else and some managers do complicate it.”

“I always believed that I could be a kind of a coach, I like to work with people, I like to communicate.

“For me, it was not a certain ‘no’.”