Moravcik celebrated first Old Firm with ‘greasy burger’ and the squad didn’t have a clue who he was

When Lubo Moravcik first signed for the club the squad may not know who he was, but before his first-ever Old Firm match, he enjoyed a burger from a van outside the stadium, according to Mark Burchill.

The former Celtic striker, said: “We didn’t know anything about him at all.

“I remember speaking to the senior players about him and they were like, ‘No clue, no clue’

“Probably some of them were thinking, ‘This guy is not going to be any good’. Small, not particularly in great shape.

“But what I do remember was his first training session – his technique was incredible. We were doing crossing and finishing and he would just absolutely put the laces through it. Both feet, bursting the net. And you were like, ‘Wow!’.

“I knew he was right-footed and he whips one in with his left foot and you thought ‘This guy is a player!’

“He was so unassuming and quiet. Didn’t speak much English, but a lovely, really nice guy.

“At that point, playing like that with Lubo coming in, we felt we were going to win the league.

“Outside the ground, there used to be a burger van.

“Who’s standing on the corner waiting for a taxi eating the biggest burger I have ever seen? Lubomir Moravcik.

“On his own, no family. He’d walked out the stadium, walked 150 yards and bought this burger.

“Not one fan knew who he was. He had this ill-fitting suit on and he was standing just eating, waiting for a taxi. I was just thinking, ‘This is amazing’.”

“I said to him, ‘Do you want a lift anywhere?’ And he didn’t really understand me he was just saying ‘Taxi, taxi!’.”