BYRON: Rangers fans are seething already

NOW, as I was writing this post the main thing that was coming to my mind was a line from Celtic and Irish song ‘The Man From The Daily Mail’ was “the whole place is seething with sedition” this rung true for me with Rangers fans.

They are scared of Celtic being handed the title – as obviously the precedent has been set by Dundee United, Raith Rovers and Cove Rangers being given their titles by the SPFL.

And yet, despite their club voting through the proposal presumably because they need the prize money, they bemoan the so-called ‘tainted titles’. Unlucky if you are a United, Raith Rovers or Cove Rangers fan because guess what – the Gers don’t believe you won the titles faithfully.

But I guess it was alright when they cheated their way through with the use of EBTs, of course, they were well-deserved wins.

What is tainted about any of the titles, anyway? They are all fair winners, and so would Celtic be. This just stinks of a set of fans who are sore losers, who can’t face the fact that Celtic are soon going to be on nine soon to be 10.

What did make me laugh was listening to Clyde SuperScoreBoard and a raging Ger said he would make it his mission to ruin Scottish football as he “will not be buying any tickets for any event at Hampden ever again – with this shambles and embarrassment they have caused us”. Which includes music gigs and festivals as well as your normal football games.

And the greatest shame of the vote has to be the fact that Partick Thistle with one game in hand, were well and truly shafted by all this, as they have now been relegated all they needed to do was win that game and they’d be out of the relegation zone.

But with that, all said congratulations to Dundee United. Congratulations to Raith Rovers. And congratulations to Cove Rangers.

Along with my commiserations to Partick Thistle and Stranraer.

The Jags who have been relegated claim Dundee’s original vote of ‘no’ legally must stand, and that leaves only one thing to be said and that is.

The vote is a complete and utter mess.