Leigh Griffiths encourages open dialogue amid pandemic

Leigh Griffiths is urging anyone who is struggling with mental health during the lockdown to speak up and seek help.

The Celtic striker has openly spoken about his own issues after dealing with his personal issues that caused him to miss the second half of last season.

He offered advice as he told the Celtic View Podcast: “Just to speak up. That’s the most important thing.

“If people keep stuff bottled in a lot – and that was the case with me, I kept things bottled up – it will tip you over the edge.

“But the more you speak out, there are loads of people who will be willing to listen and give you advice.

“If you can speak out, it might end up helping you, and you can start enjoying life again.”

He added: “It’s obviously not an easy time for players, fans, everybody connected with the club but the main thing is we stay safe, we are all healthy and we make sure we are raring to go when we all come back”