Neil Lennon hopes to avoid playing games behind closed doors amid rising Coronavirus threat

Celtic gaffer, Neil Lennon, has described the prospect of playing games behind closed doors to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 as ‘not ideal’ but agrees that the fixtures should be fulfilled.

The SPFL and SFA have set up a joint committee to monitor the crisis it has concluded that currently there is no rationale or reason to close or cancel matches, but Neil Doncaster outlined the knock-on effect and how serious they can be.

The possibility of matches taking place at empty stadiums was flagged up as the football authorities consider what options might be available.

“It’s not ideal but they have had to do it in Italy,” said Lennon.

“I don’t know what measures are taken elsewhere but we’ll have to take a view on that if and when that situation arises.

“It’s not ideal. I don’t know the financial situations of other clubs but I would say it would be very detrimental to the financial well-being.

“I think we are maybe getting a little bit too far ahead of ourselves at the minute and we will have to take it week by week.

“Yes, we want to play the games and obviously we want to play them in front of full houses, that’s what football is all about.

“Behind closed doors isn’t ideal and, like I say, the club will guide me on how to guide the players and staff on that.”

Lennon is having daily briefings with regards to dealing with potential problems of the virus.

The Northern Irishman said: “There are executive meetings every morning and medical staff are briefed every morning on what shouldn’t happen. We’ve been told not to shake hands with people or stop for selfies or photographs.

“That’s not us meaning to be rude or anything like that, it’s just avoid the spread.

“We have to protect the players and the staff here as much as we can. It is very important.”