Celtic will always strive for improvement – Brown

Celtic captain Scott Brown believes that the Celts have to strive for improvement to make sure they hit their targets.

Neil Lennon’s side is on course to extend their dominance in the domestic tournaments and now with a 12-point lead in the Premiership and a semi-final in the Scottish Cup to come.

“I think every year we feel like we have to step up and keep hitting the goals we set at the start of the season,” Brown said.

“We sit down and chat and discuss, as a team and the management staff as well, where we want to be and what we want to do.

“We are slowly ticking everything off and so far we have done that well, but we need to make sure we are on top of everything well in, week out, and that’s in training and in games as well.”

The Celts recently slumped as they exited the Europa League, Brown said: “Stats are all good when they are positive but if you go back one before that, we got beat.

“We need to make sure we just keep improving as much as we possibly can.”

“It was a hard one to take for us,” Brown said. “We had a couple of weeks to think about it because the lads went straight to international duty as well. The lads didn’t meet up again for maybe 10 days afterwards.

“You always analyse yourself and go back and watch the games and think what you could have done better.

“From then we bounced on again. We are not perfect, we know that, we are not going to win every game five or six-nothing. It’s about learning from your mistakes.

“We didn’t play that well, even going down to 10 men, and it just wasn’t to be that day. Livingston were very well organised and played well.”