GE2019 As It Happens: Will the Tories keep their majority or will Labour pull it off?

It won’t be long till polling stations around the country shut at 22:00 – when we will also get the exit poll from the BBC, ITV and also Sky news.

In the early hours of Friday morning, Britain will find out who has won.

After a long and hard-fought campaign in the dark at times, as the December nights have drawn in. The electorate today get their chance to make their choice.

We will be covering first the exit poll at 10 pm and then bringing you the results as they come in from across the country. 

We should know who gets the keys to Downing Street, early in the morning, before most arise from their sleep.

The Conservative party are hoping to win a majority that escaped them in 2017 in order to deliver Brexit.

Labour is fighting to win voters with its anti-austerity platform.

In Scotland, the SNP are seeking to get another referendum on both Brexit and Scottish independence and also hope to capitalise on frustrations with Westminster.

The Lib Dems aim to lure over remain voters away from both main parties. The Greens will hope to secure more votes with the rise of climate change.

Who will come out on top? Corbyn or Johnson? Or will it be another hung parliament?

Here, at The Dugout, we will follow the results.