Scottish success would be better than Celtic glory – Ryan Christie

Ryan Christie has experienced glory at club level, many times – he was there when Inverness CT won the Scottish Cup in 2015, he was also the matchwinner as the Celts secured the treble of Betfred Cup’s.

But as far as the Scottish international is concerned, getting to Euro 2020 would be 100 times better than any club success.

He said: “When you win big tournaments at club level, you get that feeling of pride.

“But that’ll be times 100 if we can do it with our country.

“I have seen all the footage from France 98 with the game against Brazil and all the players wearing kilts. I actually watched a YouTube documentary about it recently and it was really interesting.

“It was good to see that and there is a lot of footage and stories out there that make you want to be part of a finals. To be there next summer would be an incredible experience.

“To qualify and then play a match on home soil at Hampden would be unbelievable.

“We’re all desperate to be the team that makes history and makes it to a major tournament.

“I’m not dreaming of the Euros yet. But when the play-offs come round, that’ll be a major driving force. Getting to the finals would also be huge psychologically for the country. It would give our group a big boost.

“Playing in a tournament for Scotland is something the boys are all desperate to do in their careers. Moving on from that, it would give us a great base to build from.

“But that all starts with us getting momentum in these two games and then being ready for the play-offs.”

The memory of James McFadden’s Paris goal will never leave him — but the cruel World Cup loss to Italy in 2007 is also ingrained in his mind. He said: “I am too young to remember the really good parties for Scotland games.

“But I remember the night when McFadden scored in France.

“I also remember the Italy game, which wasn’t quite as good.

“I was really young at the time and I didn’t quite understand it fully. But you could feel the air of sadness in the room.

“I have been around it long enough to know how the Scotland fans have felt.

“I know what it would mean to them to qualify.

“I have noticed before that there are a lot of people from up north following Scotland.

“It became a talking point at Celtic last year when we were arguing about wearing kilts to weddings.

“I was saying 100 per cent and some of the other boys were disagreeing.

“I couldn’t believe it but I don’t think they’d be happy if I said I was more Scottish than them!

“I can’t speak for the lowland boys but there are a lot of patriotic people in the Highlands. I have a few friends who are in the Tartan Army, although I don’t think they’ve made it to Cyprus.

“There are always a few coming to the Hampden games and they love it.

“That’s just another boost for you as you want to make them proud. With people close to home you see it more, how proud they would be if you are successful.”