Lazio admit there could be more Celtic fans in the stadium than home supporters

Italian side Lazio has admitted they could be outnumbered in terms of fans, as Celtic take them on at the Stadio Olimpico this week.

As Lazio concede that they are finding it hard to sell tickets, with 9,000 of 14,000 sold so far bought by Celts.

The club from the Italian capital has also been forced to shut down the Curva Nord stand – where the ‘ultras’ typically are – after fines from UEFA.

But Marco Canigiani, Lazio’s marketing manager, hopes to sell more tickets in the coming days.

He said: “A bus service will be available for Lazio-Celtic, but it’s directly proportional to the demand from the fans for this match.

“For the game on Thursday, we’ve sold over 14,000 tickets but the majority of that number has gone to Celtic.

“We expect a growth in sales of those available to Biancocelesti fans.

“Thursday will be an important match in terms of qualification, the team will need support for it.

“The prices are also very reasonable for Thursday’s match.

“Hopefully we can be in the majority at the Stadio Olimpico considering there will be around 9,000 fans from Scotland in the away end.”