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‘Shameful!’ Celtic boss Neil Lennon slams Hearts fans over Levein

Neil Lennon has slammed fans and pundits who have taken aim at Craig Levein and insists the stick the ex-Hearts boss is shameful.

Though Lennon – while at Hibs – clashed with Levein, he is adamant that Levein did not deserve the abuse he has got.

Lennon said: “It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth the way some people have behaved towards him as well considering what he’s given to the club.

“I think he deserves a certain amount of respect.

“The job means everything to us – we’re professionals. We live our lives 24 / 7. We give our all and sometimes it doesn’t happen.

“The vitriol at the minute in the game, certainly up here, is appalling I think – the way managers and players are being criticised and abused.

“It gets very personal. These people don’t know Craig, they don’t know what he’s done, they have short memories.

“The graffiti on Foundation Plaza was appalling. I know from my own experience that they like a bit of graffiti around the place.

“It’s a sign of the times. I think it’s really tacky. I think some of the punditry aimed at Craig has been personal and I think that’s unprofessional as well.

“I hope he comes again, put it that way.”

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