‘I Couldn’t Care Less’: Tony Watt hits back at ex-Celtic player

Tony Watt has come out on Twitter to hit out at former Celtic teammate Kelvin Wilson when a former quote appeared online.

The defender, who last played for Rotherham United, said he believed Tony Watt should have been more like James Forrest and accused Watt of being lazy.


The Tweet from Tony Watt said: ‘Couldn’t care less what kelvin Wilson says about me to be honest! Respected him as a player and still respect him as a man BUT his opinion means nothing to me’

The Kelvin Wilson quote said: ‘That’s how I thought Tony Watt should have been how Jamesy was. Jamesy wants to just learn the game, he wanted to do well. Tony maybe wanted the limelight of a footballer kind of thing where Jamesy wanted to be a good footballer, a good professional.’

So far Tony Watt has plated 10 games for Sofia, and has three goals and one assist so far this season.