James McFadden is really impressed with Celtic’s Mikey Johnston

The former Scotland international, James McFadden, has praised the transformation of Mikey Johnston.

The winger, played well against AIK the other night as Celtic look to make it into the group stages of the Europa League.

McFadden said: “They don’t know what to do with him – he’s inside, he’s outside, he’s on the touchline here.

“As soon as he’s by the defender his first thought in his mind is to get across him, make him either let you go or foul you. His running has been superb tonight.

Mikey Johnston has always had the ability to get on the ball, to eliminate players, to be exciting. He’s got great little body movements, there’s no way of defenders knowing which way he’s going.

“What he has done is bulked himself up. It just takes time for kids to grow, and that’s why he’s probably looked at Christie.”