Frank McAvennie says Celtic boss Neil Lennon didn’t sign Bolingoli or Jullien

Frank McAvennie has claimed Celtic boss, Neil Lennon, did not sign Boli Bolingoli or Christopher Jullien, for £3m or £7m respectively.

Talking to Si Ferry on Open Goal, he said: “Lenny obviously didn’t buy the two boys at the back.

“They are all saying £10million but Lenny for some reason isn’t playing them.

“So he obviously hasn’t bought them. He doesn’t like what he sees in training.

“I’m just surmising here what it is. And obviously it wasn’t him that brought them in. He likes what is in front of him.

“To play McGregor before Bolingoli doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Something must be wrong.

“Maybe, who knows he may have a wee injury and Lenny is keeping it a secret?”