Report: Celtic’s long term plan to shake up the UEFA Champions League

Celtic have a long term plan to lead the way in changing the European competition forever, along with securing their £35m shortfall.

Celtic, Ajax and Copenhagen have all teamed up to change the future of European football.

The Daily Record reports that the failure of Celtic to reach the group stages of the Champions League, leaves a £35m hole in their pockets.

FC Copenhagen’s head of international cooperation, Daniel Rommedahl, said: “We have been working for three years with Celtic and Ajax to deliver these proposals. This way there is no free entry for a Real Madrid or a Juventus if they do not deliver in their own leagues.

“UEFA feel they are uncertain whether the tournament will be attractive enough if all the big clubs are not involved in the Group Stages and they wonder whether it will provide enough TV money.

“But in this way, the tournament is turned into a financial discussion. We believe sporting integrity needs to be met more than it does at present … which is why there should be no more Champions League free tickets.”