BYRON: The referees and the disciplinary process is a shambles

The disciplinary process has gone well and truly off the rails – honestly the SFA are making ScotRail seem good.

There is loads of questions to be answered off the back of John Beaton and Willie Collum being left at the mercy of public opinion without any sight of the SFA. The main question being what the heck is going on?

Some people have took it to far and the police have had to cool it down many times, Beaton doesn’t deserve to feel threatened. Yes, he may have got it way wrong and practically gave Morelos a green light to do whatever he liked on the pitch.

But if true as has been suggested that he had the opportunity to review the incidents taken away from him by the SFA then something is inherently wrong with our system.

If he was able to watch them again then surely he’d also have the chance to come out and explain his decisions at the same time – but he got neither as it’s the SFA…

Explain a system where you do something wrong and still feel hard done by? The SFA denying him the chance to sort it out says all there needs to be said on our system.

There have been serval incidents where players have gotten away with assaulting other players:

Morelos against Aberdeen, Steven Naismith, Allan McGregor, the Gary Dicker decision, Mikey Devlin, numerous strange reds, yellows and offsides.

We also get Steven Gerrard hammering referees nothing happened and Craig Levein doing the same and getting sent up to the stands.

Inconsistency is driving everyone in the game up the wall.

The SFA should have the power to overturn any incident on the pitch no matter if the referee seen it or not.

We also need competent rather than clueless people in charge of the game.