Craig Gordon on being second fiddle to McGregor.

Gordon admits that playing as a backup and only in friendly games is an annoying role to play.

McLeish has given both keepers two games each, however, Gordon has only played in the friendlies – against Belgium and Portugal and conceding seven goals between them.

The Celtic keeper said: “Yes it is — that’s certainly not lost on me! But that’s the situation and those are the games I’ve been asked to play in.

“We lost seven goals in those matches but we are playing against the best in the world and some of the top teams.

“There’s every chance that that will happen.

“I thought we restricted Portugal to few chances but when the chances that come their way are as good as those ones were, they’re going to take them.

“I haven’t spoken to the manager about my position. I want to play in every game but he has his job to do.

“He’s going to pick the team and I’ll play whenever I’m asked and support whoever else is playing when I’m not, but obviously I want to play in every game.

“I was disappointed to lose three goals against Portugal because I didn’t think we played too badly.

“We’re obviously unhappy at the way we lost the goals.

“Other teams aren’t having to work hard for them.

“But at least we didn’t give the opposition as many opportunities as we did in the previous game. However, when you give chances up right in the middle of your goal, you’re going to be in trouble.

“Their second goal came from a free-kick routine which we knew they’d practised.

“We knew exactly what we had to do to defend it — we just didn’t carry it out properly.

“We always want to win and it was about trying to put in a good performance and there were a few positives we could take from it.

“At the same time, we’ve still lost three soft goals and we didn’t do a great deal to stop that happening. We can’t deny that.”

Gordon believes Scotland still have a chance of qualifying to the next stage.

He said: “We can still top the group. There are two games left and if we win both of them we’re through to the next stage.

“It’s as simple as that. That’s what we have to focus on. We need to lick our wounds from this defeat and then bounce back with two victories.

“We want all of our players as fit as possible so that the manager has as many to choose from as possible.

“If we can get Leigh back fit again for those games then he’ll definitely provide a goal threat, whether he’s playing from the start or coming off the bench.

“He has goals in him and he’s always capable of scoring.”

The keeper also takes the blame for conceding the goals – against a ‘good Portugal side’.

“We faced a good side in Portugal and there are things I need to brush up on. The second goal, especially. The first goal was a bit unfortunate, but I dropped early at the second. There was a bit of an overload at the back post.

“I’ve seen their player make a run and I’ve tried to get in there, but the delivery has been perfect and I got punished.

“That was my fault. I hold my hands up for that one.

“It wasn’t good enough at the time. I need to make sure I’m not involved in goals. I’m a defender first and foremost.

“I thought I did well at times but it’s not for me to say if I’m going to fill that spot.”