Andy Robertson talks about his idol Henrik Larsson and his favourite moment against Rangers.

The Scotland captain has shown his affection for the Swede and unveils what it was like for him growing up as a Bhoy.
Like most Celts, he adored Henrik Larsson.

He said: “My footballing hero was Henrik Larsson. I was brought up in Glasgow and I was a big Celtic follower.

“In that time we had a legend in Larsson and we were so blessed to have him for so long at our club, he could have quite easily moved on but he decided not to.

“It’s a no-brainer for anyone my age that’s a Celtic fan. What he achieved with our club is incredible with how many goals he scored and how much he contributed.

“He was a joy to watch and I think a lot of fans miss him now.”

Larsson provided many happy memories for Celtic fans during his seven-year tenure in Scotland.

However, Robertson says: “When Celtic beat Rangers 6-2, Larsson nutmegged the defender and chipped Stefan Klos and I think that’s the goal that every Celtic fan really remembers from him.

“He scored some crucial goals for us but that one was the sweetest, especially against your rivals.

“My mum and dad were huge Celtic supporters as well. My dad was brought up with the Lisbon Lions and he’s got them and Kenny Dalglish and Charlie Nicholas, but Larsson is up there with all those names. That’s the great thing about him.”

Larsson scored two goals in the defeat to Porto in the UEFA Cup Final in Seville.

He said: “I think the disappointment for him is we got to the UEFA Cup Final and he scores two goals but we lost to a very good Porto team, that would win the Champions League the following year.

“That was the start of Jose Mourinho and all those good players and it still hurts for Celtic fans.

“I think we were all delighted that he won the Champions League with Barcelona, but we would have liked one of those big trophies at Celtic.”