All United players must live within 25 miles of Tannadice

United chairman Mike Martin has promised the club will not continue to “reward failure” in a change of the wage structure.
Martin took overall control of the club after Steven Thompson resigned, and is overhauling how the club is run.
He said: “We have put a new wage structure in place which is split between Championship and Premiership, ensuring players coming to the club know what they will be paid in the Championship but also know the earning opportunity once we are back in the top flight.
“Linked to that, we have increased the reward element of total pay. In other words, we are going to reward success – and reward it quite handsomely.
“However, we’re not going to reward failure. We have been very clear to the players still here, and those joining, that we expect success and are happy to pay for that success. We will not continue to pay for mediocrity.”
The United owner will also now make all players live within 25-miles of Dundee United’s ground, Tannadice, a rule which goes as far back as Jim McLean – and brought success to the club then.
He added: “What we are saying to these professionals is we want them to live in the Dundee area.
“We don’t just want them to be part of the team but also part of the club and part of the community.
“We have put in place a new rule that says players need to live within a 25-mile radius of Dundee and we believe that will be a major factor in creating the spirit and collegiate nature we want to implement.”

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