The cost of 'Nou Campy' could soar to £20 million.

    The price of Dundee’s new stadium could rise to £20 million, thanks to access requirements.
    But the initial costs for the project was £15 million, the Dens Park outfit are will go ahead with the new stadium with the aim to have it complete by 2020.
    A site between Camperdown Park and the cities Ice rink is where the stadium is proposed to be built, along with retail spaces, housing developments and training pitches.
    However, it is close to the Kingsway, which means it’ll be closely looked at on how it would be accessed.
    Transport Scotland, will require certain conditions to be met if they are to give the green light.
    Talks between Transport Scotland and Dundee have taken place already, but they will have to wait until they make a direct proposal.
    A spokesperson said: “Road safety is of paramount importance for everyone that will use the stadium, the associated commercial developments and the wider road network.
    “We’re working with the developer to get absolute clarity on their proposals and the potential impact on issues like vehicle access to and from the site. We have asked the developer’s consultant to carry out an appraisal of all available access options for the site. Once this is completed, we will offer our opinion on the proposals.”