The Champions League Final couldn't get any worse but it wasn't all Karius' fault.

    That Final was everything in a Liverpool fan’s worst possible nightmare.
    However, the night did start off well with Liverpool playing freely Salah and Sadio Mane particularly dangerous and Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson providing width on the overlap.
    First Loris Karius makes two blunders that arguably cost them the game and Mohammed Salah got injured then had to be subbed before the half-hour mark.
    Bale, who was brought on to replace Isco, scored a brace. The first an incredible overhead kick that’ll most likely go down as the best goal in Champions League history, the other was a speculative effort from distance that, that somehow beat a flapping Karius.

    Gareth Bale scores his an overhead kick against Liverpool to make it 2-1.

    But perhaps, he doesn’t deserve all the stick he is getting for the mistakes he has made, after all he didn’t make them on purpose and playing Goalkeeper is one of the hardest on the pitch – you make one mistake and your team could lose.
    I for one feel absolute sadness for him, he is now scared for life. Mistakes like that are not for a Champions League Final, they shouldn’t be happening.
    Both of the mistakes, particularly the first goal that changed the entire momentum of the game.
    It’s a horrible moment for him and he doesn’t need to be reminded about it.

    What he needs is support from his team-mates, friends, family and everyone else around him.
    We all admire him, he owned up to his mistakes and apologized to the fans and they should back him when times get tough and then when everything is going good and you’re on top of the world.
    But it might signal the end of his career at Liverpool, as his mental health is at stake.