Peter Lawwell talks Celtic's Transfer Policy, New Hotel, Stadium Improvements and has a dig at Politicians.

Peter Lawwell has opened up about his dreams for Celtic – and the reality of achieving success off the field.
Speaking to, speaking to Celtic Underground, the Celtic chief spoke about Rodgers’ future, the financial state of the club and the £18million plans for the hotel and museum.
Lawwell said: “You have to look for the long-term and do the right thing.
“If you react to short-term pressures then you’re dead.”
“Inevitably, you won’t be able to keep winning forever. Each time you win adds a different type of pressure.
“For us, I guess we stick to the plan.
“Over the last ten or 15 years, we have taken a long-term view.
“We haven’t reacted to short-term pressures, maybe from a few bad results, a bad season, media or social media criticism.
“We’ve felt you have to keep the blinkers on.
“You have to look for the long-term and do the right thing. If you react to short-term pressures then you’re dead.
“I think we continue to do that.”
When asked about what would happen if they missed out on the Champions League.
He said: “I don’t think we’ve ever been stronger.
“At the moment, I’m looking two or three years out and understanding where we can be and where we want to be.
“We have resource that will enable us to have a long runway in terms of any things that don’t go to plan.
“We do plan for the unexpected. I think we’re very robust.
“We’ve got pretty ambitious plans with regard to the football team and also the infrastructure around Celtic Park.
“We’re pretty confident of delivering that.”
He added about improving Parkhead: “In the short-term we’re spending nearly £5million on the projects around the stadium.
“We’re putting in new floodlights, the new lighting system which is part of the entertainment system, new sound, new pitch…we’re putting a new roof on the South Stand.
“Those are going to be completed over the summer
“At the moment we’ve gone out to market – it’s very early on.
“We’re looking at assessing what’ll be the best for Celtic, the best structure, then looking at the finance.
“Hopefully there will be a positive outcome.
“Over and above that, looking to the future, we’re looking at our training facilities at Lennoxtown and Barrowfield and what would fit best for a modern professional football club.
“Developing players and developing kids.”
And when asked about the Scottish Governments approach to football.
He said: “Very rarely do you get anything positive coming out from the authorities in terms of football.
“If you think of Holyrood, it’s Offensive Behaviour act, it’s Strict Liability and no real recognition of what Celtic does and what football does for Scotland.
“That is a frustration.
“Hopefully by producing this academic piece of work, people in authority do understand what Celtic and therefore football contributes to the nation and the city.”