Rangers demand inquiry into Celtic fan and SFA director – Gary Hughes.

Rangers have called for an inquiry into Gary Hughes after he called Rangers fans ‘the great unwashed’.
Gary Hughes, who is a boyhood Celtic fan, made the comments in a magazine interview he did twelve years ago.
Hughes is set to stand for re-election next month for a senior independent non-executive director, which he assumed three years ago.
However, the SFA are set to launch an inquiry into his position after the comments surfaced.
When speaking to the magazine, The Publican, he spoke about the love for football and pubs.

The magazine clipping.

He said: “Glaswegians are passionate about sport – actually I mean fitba!
“The next best thing to being at Celtic Park (only the great unwashed venture South to Ibrox) is watching the game, pint of Tennent’s in hand along with some like-minded souls.”
He is a true independent as he recently backed the SFA in no longer pursuing Rangers over EBTs even if Celtic wanted to.
He said: “I have no qualms whatsoever about what the association did and how it managed its matters through that period.”
The Ibrox club has since demanded the board member is investigated ‘thoroughly and quickly’.
A spokesperson said: “If it is proven such an inappropriate comment was made by an independent non-executive director of the SFA we would expect that body to investigate thoroughly and quickly.”