McGregor has encouraged the SFA to stay put at Hampden.

The Scottish FA will make their decision to switch matches to Murrayfield or keep them at Hampden.
But McGregor insists it’ll be wrong to switch to the Home of Rugby.
The Celtic midfielder has scored on three of his last four outings at Mount Florida, his most recent being the stunning opener against Motherwell, in Celtic’s Scottish Cup win.
When asked about the move to Murrayfield, McGregor said: “Keep it at Hampden, definitely.
“The national stadium has always been Hampden since I was young. The Scotland games and the Cup finals have always been here since I was a little boy.
“It’s always been the iconic place to go and play and also for the big days out for the fans.
“I am being biased because I have now scored a few goals at Hampden as well.
“But I just want it to be kept here.”

The 24-year-old, has become a regular under Rodgers’ Celtic side and McGregor is loving the chance to be one of the first names on the team sheet.
He said: “To be a part of a special day in the club’s history is hard to put into words and it’s difficult to sum up just how I’m feeling.
“With the number of games I played and the amount of starts I made through the season, I think I contributed more this time.
“There were goals in big games as well. It was great last year and I hope I played a part last season, but probably becoming more of a main player is something that I wanted to do. It was great to hear the manager give me credit and the way you want to repay him is by giving him trophies and playing well. It also creates good memories as well.
“It’s just the challenge of playing in big games. You see over the years the great goals and the great players and you see the scenes it creates amongst the supporters and the memories it gives them.
“You are thinking ‘I want a bit of that’. I want to be the guy who scores the goal that wins the game.
“The more and more you do it, it becomes a bit more natural and you feel as though you can be the one who is going to make the difference or can make the difference.”
Celtic stars like Kieran Tierney and Moussa Dembele will be on the radar of many clubs around the world, however, McGregor feels that the prospect of winning trophies will be enough to keep them at Paradise.
McGregor said: “It’s probably a key factor for us to try and keep everyone together. I have said it before that we have a special group of guys at the club.
“Everybody is together and everybody wants each other to do well.
“Even the guys who are not playing are just as happy when you are doing well and you are happy when someone is in there and doing well.