Brown hits out at the SFA over attempts to stop double Treble.

Scott Brown has accused the SFA of trying to sabotage Celtic’s historic double Treble by failing to water the Hampden pitch at half-time.
Brown thinks everyone, the players, managers and even the governing body are doing everything in their power to stop Celtic from winning.
The dry pitch on a hot sunny day, was also perfect for Motherwell’s direct style of playing.
Brown said: “They didn’t water the pitch at half-time to try and stop us playing but it didn’t stop us, we still tried to play our game.
“Motherwell are a very honest team. They play long, direct, very physical.
“But we play football the proper way. We get it down on the floor.
“They didn’t water the pitch at half-time to try and stop us playing.
“But it didn’t stop us. We still tried to play our game.”
Down south of the border, in the English Premier League, all of the grass has a limit of 40mm on par with UEFA rules, and Brown says there must be the same rules in place to ensure our pitches are up to scratch.

“Everyone will try anything — they’ll grow the grass, they don’t water the pitch.
“Down in England, there are rules for these things.
“They want to see top-quality football and that’s maybe where the Scottish game has gone wrong.”
Brown captained Celtic to their double Treble, thanks to the 2-0 victory against Motherwell.
The former Scotland international said: “Yes, because everyone wants to stop us, everyone wants to beat us.
“But now we just push on. Next season is a different opportunity for everybody and we’ll start fresh again.
“We have to try and get to the Champions League again. That’s where this club deserves to be. But we need to make sure we put in the hard work.
“We respond by winning games. We’ve been to Ibrox a few times and we’ve won a lot. We’ve enjoyed that place as well.
“Celtic Park is going to be a better pitch next season, so that will suit our game.
“The manager wants us to push and we want to push as well.
“We’ve looked after ourselves so well this season. We’ve pushed in the big games especially, where we’ve done really well and, domestically, we’ve cleared up again.”