Nou Campy: Dundee chief hopes new stadium is ready for 2020

18/10/18 DENS PARK - DUNDEE Dundee Chairman John Nelms discusses the appointment of Jim McIntyre.

The Dark Blue submitted their proposals for a new stadium at Camperdown Park last year and the managing director, John Nelms, will get the go-ahead from Dundee City Council.
The project would also include a hotel, a crematorium, 140 house and 70 flats along with other commercial opportunities.
Nelms said to The Courier: “Once we get past two or three milestones, then we will be off and running.
“We are very close to pushing some buttons.
“Ideally, we would like to be in the stadium by the 2020 season. Just to keep Dens standing is very expensive – £300,000 plus per year.
“That’s not enhancing it in any way for fans coming through — that’s just to keep it standing.”
Nelms says the Dens outfit are more than willing to sell Stadium naming rights if a suitable company is willing to.
“The fans might have a name for it already but I think when we get closer, we will put it out there and start to talk about what the name can be and what’s important in the name.
“If someone is wanting to put their name on the stadium then we are obviously doing something right.”
He thinks the ‘Nou Campy’ might be the new name.
Nelms said: “People are already calling it the Nou Campy, Dens Park West, all these different bits and pieces.
“I think the Nou Campy is quite funny and that might stick, you never know.
“But it is something we will take seriously as that is what it will hopefully be called for the next 100 years.”
But what do you think, do you think it will stick?