Tragedy on the subway as Rangers fan failed to "Mind the Gap".

The Glasgow subway grounded to a halt yesterday as a man wearing a Rangers shirt was struck by an approaching train after disregarding “Mind the Gap” signs.
Twenty-two year old, Billy McBroxie was on his way to Ibrox when he was due to meet with other supporters, then tragedy struck.
An eye-witness said: “It was shocking. Everyone who uses the Tube knows to mind the gap, but his mind seemed to be somewhere else. The similarities to this and Rangers are uncanny.”
McBroxie’s Rangers supporting friends were amongst the first to pay tribute to their fallen pal, with many posting a gif on Facebook showing how all the momentous events that had occurred since he’d been born like the Ramsdens Cup and the Championship.

On social media, many paid tribute, including his classmates – a man simply going by Timothy said “I always told him to mind the gap. He just simply never listened”.