The amusing way Celtic captain Scott Brown is displayed in Russian media

Scott Brown – A 55 capped international player and played for Celtic more than 450 games he is arguably one of the best Scottish players of this generation.
Celtic’s up and coming opponent Zenit, the media’s way of approaching what Scott Brown was like was laughable.
“Players such as Brown do not go to hairdressers, expensive clubs and don’t take a few selfies per day. He would rather sit in a bar with fans for a pint and discuss the game and Hibernian with them.
“He has shortcomings – awkward technique and lack of speed. But honesty comes first for Scottish football fans.”
And the Russian media says about Celtic star man Dembele.
“Dembele is Celtic’s most valuable asset. Do not ignore the Frenchman.
“No one has any doubts another club will take him away in the summer. And the club will earn a lot on this transfer.”
Dembele has been by far one of the best players for Celtic this season, being touted to sign for many clubs in England and further abroad, but then again so was Morelos.