Tierney reveals what made him toughen up for Celtic stardom

Celtic left-back and boyhood supporter has revealed that his whole life revolves around his beloved football club.
He even has had the pleasure of captaining his childhood team and has revealed that responsibility of putting on the green and white hooped shirt, has made him mentally stronger as a person.
“Everyone around me is a Celtic fan as well”
“When I go on Facebook or out with friends, everything’s Celtic. My full life has always been Celtic. I can’t remember before that. It’s always been Celtic for me.”

He spoke about the hard times, breaking into the Celtic XI;
“I’ve never looked at this like work. There are times it’s hard. When you’re younger and going to the school Celtic send you to, getting up at six in the morning and playing on the weekends, it is hard.
“I think it’s made me mentally tougher, though, and I’m able to deal with different situations I’m put under.”

Tierney has been a huge success to Celtic and has already secured himself as a fan favourite and be remembered even if he leaves his childhood club.