Rodgers is concerned over future of Celtic star after contact from top clubs

Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers’ has confirmed he is worried about the future of Celtic start Moussa Dembele.
Rodgers’ feels the constant speculation is damaging to Dembele, as he is linked with “16 other clubs”.
However, Rodgers has said he will only sell him at the market rate, and although they’ve had a number of inquiries they have not received an official bid.
Speaking to the Scottish sun he said,
“Speculation can be very unhelpful for a young player. If you are an experienced player you get used to it,” Rodgers said.
“But if you’ve been linked with so many clubs over a period of time, then it surely can be unsettling. It’s not something that ends up being good for a player.
“There has been a lot of noise around Moussa for 18 months now — but let’s be clear, we’ve not had one bid. He’s been linked with about 16 clubs, but the bottom line is you have to play football.”

Dembele has been lethal so far for Celtic, but he will have to keep it up to be able to go for what Rodgers believes he is worth.