New Celtic signing talks 6 different languages – he insists he'll do the talking on the pitch!

The one time German international, gave a list of his impressive repertoire speaking; German, Dutch, French, Italian and English, with a bit of Russian.
Marvin Compper signed a 2 and half year deal, for the Scottish champions, however, he is adamant he’ll do all the talking on the pitch.
Compper said: “I speak four languages fluently and one if I was to spend a week in Holland I would also speak that fluently.
“I also speak a bit of Russian so it is five-and-a-half. I am half-French half-German, so I speak those languages and I did English at school and developed it from there watching television shows and then my team mates.
“When you have a talent for languages then they come easier.
“I also learned Italian when I was out there for a season and half with Fiorentina.
“My English is good enough but I will need to train my ear a bit for Scottish.
Compper admits there is room for improvement no matter your age.
“If you get a player who is 32 years old you are looking for experience.
“When you stop improving then you step backwards. I am looking to learn from the gaffer and my team mates.
“It is another country and style of football but I also know a lot because I have played in Italy and Germany.”
We know football is a universal language, so there should be no barrier for the German international.