Warburton reveals he wanted to sign Celtic star for Rangers…

The former Rangers manager revealed he wanted to sign Celtic star striker Moussa Dembele, but he said simply that the Gers couldn’t afford him.
*In an interview with The Scottish Sun, the ex-Ger wanted to sign Dembele, as he was aware of his contract expiring at Fulham, but despite that, they still could not afford him. The Celts picked Dembele up for a bargain, a fraction of the cost, and to make it worse for Warburton, the first match between the two sides saw Dembele score a hat-trick in a 5-1 demolishing.
“It was about me being smashed 5-1. Yet it was 3-1 when I lose two centre-halves.
“If it’s a 3-1 defeat then, of course, it’s still tough to take. But 5-1 sounds horrible.”
He then went to explain, how he wanted the striker, but they just could not afford him.
“I was aware of Dembele’s availability, if I could have done anything about it I would have.
“Brendan Rodgers is a good friend, he’s done an outstanding job. But some of the nonsense I’ve read about fees and anything else…
“Am I right in saying Tottenham bid £8million for Dembele and it was turned down?
“Do the fans honestly think that there’s £8m turned down, but that he’d cost only £400,000? Now, if the fee is right, what’s the basic wage?
“I’m not talking about Dembele, but all these deals that go on.
“The fans seem to forget the fact you might get somebody for compensation, but if he’s on £35-40,000 a week it just smashes your pay structure.
“We couldn’t afford that kind of outlay anyway.
“If we could have done then, absolutely, I would have moved for Dembele.
“But we were never in the market at that level. Dembele is a tremendous talent who’s obviously benefited enormously from working with Rodgers and the guys at Celtic. Good luck to him.”
Warburton lists that match as the worst in his career, he then resigned in February for a manager at Nottingham Forrest.
And Rangers are without a manager, now with Murty in charge as caretaker.